Our Gabon marketing consulting agency has specialized in marketing innovation for over 10 years. In our agency, we deploy your marketing campaigns and together establish your strategy and its implementation. We help you reach and attract new markets and audiences. Our marketing and communication experts imagine, advise and design campaigns so that you can achieve your goals. Thanks to our team, you will be able to develop your reputation and increase your turnover. Discover our services in strategic marketing, operational marketing, direct marketing and relationship marketing.

What is marketing with COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT?

At COP PROECT MANAGEMENT, we have our own vision of marketing. We are convinced that marketing is a set of tools and actions taken to achieve business goals set by our clients. Marketing also studies the insights and expectations of consumers to better understand them and thus encourage them to consume. Marketing covers many fields such as collaborative marketing, direct marketing, mobile marketing, relationship marketing or even experiential marketing. Our Gabon marketing consulting agency specializes in strategic, operational, direct and relational marketing.

Strategic marketing with COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Closely linked to a company's marketing strategy, strategic marketing involves setting long-term goals and creating a business plan based on analysis and research. Our team of professionals is responsible for carrying out audits, market studies, competition as well as a strategic analysis of your market (segmentation, positioning, differentiation). In addition, our Gabonese marketing consulting agency is able to create a business plan adapted to your problem as well as your objectives. Strategic marketing is opposed to operational marketing, which is more short-term oriented.

Direct marketing with COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Our marketing agency in Libreville takes care of your direct marketing. After identifying your consumers, we put in place a set of marketing techniques and supports to reach them directly, such as email marketing, postal mailing, phoning or mobile marketing.

Relationship marketing with COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT

To establish privileged relationships with your customers and to gain their loyalty, our Gabon marketing consulting agency supports a relationship marketing strategy which consists in creating a continuous and personalized relationship with your consumers.

Our marketing services

Our Gabon marketing consulting agency supports you from A to Z in your marketing plan, from design to delivery of results, including strategic implementation. Find out about our consulting services, qualitative and quantitative studies, sales promotion, marketing strategy, as well as relational and operational matters.

Audit and qualitative and quantitative studies - audit

Before starting any marketing strategy and deploying tools, our team will conduct an audit of your business and your goals. Our experts will also carry out qualitative and quantitative studies. We will organize a meeting in order to define together your main target, your problematic, the envisaged results and your main objective.

Strategic marketing thinking

After having carried out a strategic reflection, the professionals of our Gabon marketing consulting agency will take charge of putting the defined strategy into practice. Also, operational marketing brings together all the marketing techniques and tools to be deployed to achieve the set objectives. These tools are numerous: television, radio, press, telephone, websites, social media, e-mails. Our experts have a perfect command of these marketing materials as well as web marketing. They will be able to advise you on the use and deployment of these.

Business plan development

We help you to develop complete business plans with very precise objectives. Our marketing consulting agency Gabon is at your side to help you clarify your strategy, your vision and to assist you in the development of your objectives and your action plan. This includes the definition of a marketing plan that will list all the steps and actions to be implemented. We offer you a tactical, organized and well thought-out planning for the success of your development.

Marketing of the offer

COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT also offers you innovative solutions or services, adapted to your targets and your environment. With this in mind, we will define all the supports and tools necessary for the strategic implementation. Advertising, posters, flyers, computer graphics, emailings, newsletters, white papers, press releases… Thanks to our professionals who are experts in their field, we are able to offer you various marketing supports. The list is not exhaustive and will depend on your main target as well as their consumption habits. Of course, the communication tools that will be selected are consistent with the marketing strategy defined upstream with your company.

Marketing and digital optimization

Today, web marketing and digital are essential and essential elements in a marketing strategy. They require real knowledge and skills to avoid the pitfalls. Also, our experts will take care of the creation of your content (content marketing) so that it is impactful, engaging and that you can achieve your goals.

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During our 10 years specializing in communication and marketing, our Gabon communication consulting agency has had the opportunity to collaborate on many diverse and varied projects. Discover all our achievements below.

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