Gabon communication consulting agency, COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT offers you the opportunity to ensure your notoriety and achieve your communication objectives, both institutionally and in terms of events. Our team of professionals is constantly listening to market developments, trends and consumer insights. Thanks to their versatility, our professionals are able to create and use many communication tools to manage your image. Discover our services in BtoB, BtoC, BtoG communication, public relations, branding, natural referencing or even graphic charter.

What is corporate communication with COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT?

Communication plays an essential role in business management. It makes it possible to publicize the company, its services, its products or its services in the case of commercial communication. There are different types of corporate communication such as external communication, editorial communication, event communication or public relations. Also, to develop effective communication and achieve your commercial and institutional goals, calling on a professional to establish a communication plan is essential.

The types of corporate communication supported by the agency

Our Gabon communication consulting agency, COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT, offers you to manage your corporate communication in Libreville. We are able to intervene in several types of communication and offer you different advertising media.

BtoB communication

BtoB communication, otherwise known as "Business to Business", brings together all the communication techniques that allow companies to communicate with each other. For effective BtoB communication, our agency located in Gabon offers you the creation and use of media such as press relations, the organization of professional events (trade fairs, seminars, conferences) but also the creation of your website , the management of your natural referencing on search engines, the animation of your social networks, the creation of your emailings or even that of your videos. Brand content (content creation) is therefore essential.

BtoG communication

BtoG communication, otherwise known as "Business to Government", describes all communication actions aimed at public authorities.

Our corporate communication services and services

Our Gabon communication consulting agency supports your brand communication, the implementation of marketing strategy, the graphic design of your brand, the development of a website and much more.

As a Gabonese communication agency, we are committed to:

  • Define your target audience, your positioning and your strategy;
  • Promote your services, your business;
  • Develop your brand image;
  • Strengthen the engagement of your primary target and your secondary target;

Maintain your reputation

To meet these objectives, our professionals deploy numerous actions.

Graphic creation

Graphic design, or also called signage, consists of producing, as part of visual communication, pictorial and written communication media. The graphic designer of our Gabon communication consulting agency thus takes charge of your visual identity by creating visuals, flyers, brochures, brochures, posters, website logos, e-mailings or even advertising banners. .

Press relations

Press relations represent all the communication techniques used to communicate in many media and to disseminate the image, values ??and history of the company. COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT thus offers its space buying services in the media such as the press, radio or television. We write you press releases and create a press kit for you. We are also able to report or organize events such as conferences and seminars.

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During our 10 years specializing in communication and marketing, our Gabon communication consulting agency has had the opportunity to collaborate on many diverse and varied projects. Discover all our achievements below.

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