Our digital communication agency Gabon is ready to take up all the challenges to help you in your digital transition. Our experts offer you the best digital solutions for your business. Among the digital services offered by our digital agency, you can find the innovation of an effective digital communication strategy, the web graphic design, the creation of website and web pages, the creation of all digital media, the animation of social media, the development of applications on the web or SEO.

What is Digital and Web with COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT ?

At COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT, we make it a point of honor to help our clients in the elaboration of their digital communication strategy and in its deployment. From the point of view of our web communication experts, digital communication defines the strategy and the communication actions to be carried out on the web. To achieve this, many channels must be used such as social media, websites, blogs, newsletters, mobile applications or connected objects. Today, it is essential for companies to adapt and live their digital transformation. Digital and web communication opens the access to new technological trends such as virtual reality, chatbot, voicebot, big data or blockchain. In this sense, our digital communication agency Gabon is specialized in web communication and will be able to handle your web project.

Our services in Digital and Web

Our digital communication agency Gabon has been evolving in digital and web since 2007. Our professionals are therefore experts who perfectly master the different digital channels. They will be able to advise you and carry out your digital web project. Our digital communication agency near Libreville acts on three main axes of digital development: digital transformation, digital graphics and digital marketing.

Your digital transformation with COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Internet has deeply modified the society of the 19th century and has had an impact on the internal and external functioning of companies. At COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT, digital transformation refers to a set of actions implemented that allow companies to use all the digital technologies they have. Our digital communication agency Gabon offers you its services for the creation of your website, its redesign, for its seo optimization, for the creation of mobile applications or for the creation of software. Thus, we develop for you digital tools that will allow your company to ensure its growth and development. All our proposed tools are innovative and unique.

Creation of your website and online store

Creating a website on Wordpress or Joomla requires real skills and technical knowledge. That's why it is strongly recommended to call our digital agency to create a website. In addition to the knowledge in code and HTML, our experts will proceed to several essential steps for the creation of your site.

Study and Audit

The first step is to get to know your project, your problems and your expectations. We will define together your needs and the objectives of your website. Following this, we will make a study of the competition in the targeted domain and we will bring you our expertise on the subject.

Specifications and planning

After having carried out a thorough study and an audit, our experts will send you a specification of your project. The latter lists all the steps that will be necessary for the realization of your website. In addition to the specifications, our digital communication agency Gabon will establish a schedule so that you can have a detailed overview of the progress of your project

Architecture and models

Before moving on to the design, realization and development of your website, we will offer you several graphic mock-ups of the latter. They will allow you to have an overview of the architecture and design of your site.

Design and development

Once the graphic model is validated, our developers will create your site, on Wordpress or Joomla. They will also take care of content integration.

Hosting and SEO

Our digital communication agency Gabon will take care of reserving your domain name and configuring its hosting. But that's not all. Our seo writers will produce optimized content to ensure the referencing of your site. We will define with you a list of keywords and the semantic field to respect.

Creation of mobile applications

Just like creating a website, creating a mobile application requires professional help and coding knowledge. Therefore, our digital communication agency Gabon will first help you to find an innovative idea that meets a specific need. Then, we will study your market, analyze the competition and define the profile of your typical user. Our designers and developers will take care of the design of your application, add the necessary functionalities and integrate it.

Animation of your social networks (facebook, Youtube, linkedin)

Our community managers are trained and experienced to animate your different social spaces (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin,...). They will ensure your presence on social media and considerably increase your reputation by posting publications, responding to comments, maintaining a close relationship with your community, among others.

Powerful designs with our graphic design services

Thanks to our workshop and our talented graphic designers, our digital communication agency Gabon will take care of the design of your website, your videos, your social networks and any other digital support. Our creative teams are regularly updated to highlight the latest digital graphic trends. In this perspective, we will propose a meeting so that we can define together your graphic charter.

Digital marketing

Our digital communication agency Gabon is also specialized for 10 years in digital marketing. Also, our teams are able to offer you the creation of marketing sms or e-mailings. If you are interested in our marketing services, we invite you to visit the "Marketing" page.

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