A Gabonese company specialized in the marketing and digital business

COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT, Gabonese global communication agency, is above all a talented team, competent and expert in the fields of marketing, communication, project management, event management and digital.

Its diverse and varied know-how allows it to work on a daily basis to meet your expectations.

Initially created in 2005 under the name of Solutionis, COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT is a Gabonese multidisciplinary agency, specialized in marketing, project management, communication, management and digital.

Located in Libreville, our communication agency is a designer and integrator of innovative and adapted solutions.

At the beginning of this great adventure in 2005, Solutionis was an individual company specialized in IT and electronics. It intervened mainly in cyber caf├ęs and private homes.

In January 2012, the company grows and becomes a SARLU. It then offers additional services in telecommunications, communication and marketing, with a specialty in sports marketing.

It was in 2017 that Solutionis changed its name and status and became COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT following the achievement of a PMP (Project management Professional), a PgMP (program Management Professional) and finally a PfMP (Portofolio Management Professional) from the Manager respectively in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

For more than 16 years, COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT has been responding to your challenges and issues, whatever their nature and complexity.

Our vocation is to offer you a customized support for the realization of your ideas, projects and services.

In an evolving environment, our marketing agency is a stable proposal force. The materialization of your ideas will go through the definition and the implementation of a strategy which will allow you to reach your objectives in the short, medium and long term.

Our operating mode, based on the autonomy of our team, guarantees us an excellent reactivity with the customers, with a good knowledge of the whole value chain of a project.

In order to maintain the values that made it grow and to develop its expertise, COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT aspires to become a major actor in its fields of intervention.

In full growth, the communication and marketing agency COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT has a bright future ahead of it. Many creative and committed projects are on the way! Maybe yours?

Our values and aspirations


It is essential for us to understand and identify as closely as possible your problems and your expectations. In this sense, our team of professionals actively listens to you on a daily basis


Faced with time constraints and your changing budget, our digital communication agency strives to respond quickly and effectively to your requests. Our experts are at your disposal so that we can evolve together and realize your projects.


We make it a point of honor to build a relationship of trust and respect with you.


We regularly update our knowledge of new technologies. Thus, we have at heart to offer you services in phase with the trends of digital, marketing and communication.


Our experts are bold, original and relevant. We are thus able to bring you unique and innovative solutions.


We pay particular attention to transparency in our exchanges and in the solutions provided.


Our project management consulting company evolves in the respect, the integrity of our customers and our team. We develop ethical and respectful projects.

Our team

Designer and integrator of innovative and adapted solutions, COP PROJECT MANAGEMENT responds to your challenges and issues, whatever their nature and complexity. To enable you to carry out your projects, our global communication agency in Gabon is made up of a team of talented, passionate, attentive, creative, professional and responsive professionals. With our developers, illustrators, producers and event organizers, be sure that your projects will come to life. The ideas developed will correspond to you 100% and you will achieve your goals in the short, medium or long term.


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